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Celebrities in Advertising Are Almost Always a Big Waste of Money


As the most significant event in advertising grows nearer, it will be interesting to see how many brands enlist the endorsement services of celebrities during the Super Bowl. After all, popular wisdom asserts that getting a celebrity endorsement is a tried-and-true, simple-to-implement way to maximize advertising effectiveness. Sure, it’s expensive, but celebrities always yield stronger ties with viewers and, ultimately, greater sales, right?

Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods led the list of the worst celebrity endorsements of 2010, along with other sports figures, including Lance Armstrong and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Mired in controversy, Tiger’s sponsors chose to address his “mistakes” in their ads rather than the products that he was supposed to be hawking.


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Why Tiger is bad for Accenture but still good for Nike

Accenture Ad with Tiger Woods

Issue: Why does bad behavior hurt some brands more than others?

Commentary by: David Vinjamuri

Accenture announced over the weekend that it would sever its relationship with Tiger Woods, who has fronted a major advertising campaign for the consultancy over the past six years.  Nike, on the other hand has reaffirmed support for Woods after his accident and revelations of marital indiscretions

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