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International Year of Chemistry 2011

International Year of Chemistry 2011

Article: International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Neuromarketing And The Oscar’s


One thing you didn’t hear from any of this years Oscar winners: “I’d like to thank my neuroscience partners who helped us enhance the film’s script, characters, and scenes.”

You could hear it at the next Oscar’s though.

A sizable number of neuromarketing companies already brain test movie trailers for the major studios through fMRI, EEG, galvanic skin response, eye-tracking and other biometric approaches. For now, the test data helps the studios and distributors better market the movie.

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How To Identify A Brand-Building Winner

Marketers are trained to believe insights are the foundations of brand strategy and powerful insights about the target customer yield strong brands. But what exactly constitutes an ‘insight’ and how do you recognize one when you see it? What makes one idea worthy of building a brand around and another simply ‘nice to know’?

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The Most Popular Letters In The World

The Most Popular Letters In The World, According To Google

If you had to reorder the alphabet according to the popularity of letters in Google, it would be called the alphaiot. Which, actually, has a quite nice ring to it. It will also look like this.

Celebrities in Advertising Are Almost Always a Big Waste of Money


As the most significant event in advertising grows nearer, it will be interesting to see how many brands enlist the endorsement services of celebrities during the Super Bowl. After all, popular wisdom asserts that getting a celebrity endorsement is a tried-and-true, simple-to-implement way to maximize advertising effectiveness. Sure, it’s expensive, but celebrities always yield stronger ties with viewers and, ultimately, greater sales, right?

Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods led the list of the worst celebrity endorsements of 2010, along with other sports figures, including Lance Armstrong and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Mired in controversy, Tiger’s sponsors chose to address his “mistakes” in their ads rather than the products that he was supposed to be hawking.


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Top Ten Branding Keys For 2011



Top Ten Branding Keys For 2011 by Derrick Daye & Brad VanAuken

1. Learn everything about your customers. Understand them at a deep level. Know what motivates them. Know what they aspire to and what they fear.

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Why Tiger is bad for Accenture but still good for Nike

Accenture Ad with Tiger Woods

Issue: Why does bad behavior hurt some brands more than others?

Commentary by: David Vinjamuri

Accenture announced over the weekend that it would sever its relationship with Tiger Woods, who has fronted a major advertising campaign for the consultancy over the past six years.  Nike, on the other hand has reaffirmed support for Woods after his accident and revelations of marital indiscretions

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Modern Ads

Market Change……… Communication Change

Why colour is important in branding

Colour is crucial to every brand, regardless of the size of the associated company. It can help build consumer familiarity and trust for a business, but can just as easily turn prospective customers away if not used correctly.

“Colour is vitally important, because it gives your company something different to hang on to,” says Damian Pincus, CEO of advertising agency The Works.

Serif Bag

Lovely bag by Little Factory.

Brand Proposition – the Proof is in the Pudding


When it comes to building your businesses brand the one thing you must be obsessive about is Authenticity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one man operation working from the spare room, of the MD of a multinational organization, if your brand is not living up to your promise, you’ve got a problem. There’s nothing that erodes a brand relationship faster than making a brand promise and not delivering.  More on  Brand Proposition – the Proof is in the Pudding

Best Free Fonts for Creative Branding

To grab the attention of the customer, there is need to differentiate. This free type will help you to differentiate your creative concepts.


Raxar Connect & Post Coffee Corner Logo Published at Logomoose.com

It rightly said creativity has no end. I am just beginner in the world of creativity. My two more logo design Raxar connect and Post coffee corner has been published at www.logomoose.com. Both logo design is based on typo twist. Raxar connect logo present the connection between two arrow that created by type twist. Post coffee corner logo has different theory to represent the coffee shop image.

The born of Great Brand Name

Brand naming is crucial steps towards the Brand Strategy. Many reasons plays vital role to have specific brand name or rebrand. It’s a long history of Brand Name changes of big corporate but I have tried to cover most prestigious brand name changes in the history. There are certain reasons to rebrand or brand name transformation like mergers, corporate portfolio expansion (upward or downwards), brand image focus, regional resistance, global expansion and many others. Like when British Steel merged with Dutch steel company Hoogovens NV and became the The Corus Group. Another interesting brand naming of Ebay. Ebay got its name when its founder Pierre Omidyar discovered that the domain name for Echo Bay, his web consulting company, was already taken. So they have shorten name to Ebay from Echo Bay. You would also like to read Color Psychology and Branding.


Color Psychology and Branding

Color. Why you find particular color at particular place….? Because it has meaning and it has relation. Who are into branding and who make strategy for the end customer; color play vital role. I have tried to narrate in brief regarding color psychology, which will be helpful to Brand and Branding people.


Blue color represents Trustworthy, Dependable, Committed, Peace, Confidence and Professional. It shows positive mood and it’s calm and cool. Blue color is universal color. A deep royal blue or azure conveys richness and perhaps even a touch of superiority. Blue is a favorite color of both men and women of all ages. It may be the calming effect of the color blue that makes it a popular color for both men and women. Some studies are showing that weight lifters can lift more weight in a blue gym – in fact, nearly all sports are enhanced in blue surroundings.


Branding : Differentiate or Die

Few years back I have come across very interesting book “Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition By Jack Trout, Steve Rivkin”. The title itself explains the meaning of the Market Competition. Yes, If you want to survive in the market you must have to present yourself differently by various mean otherwise no one look at you even once. I found many interesting examples in book in real scenario prevailing in the market. Then onwards my view to see the competition, market, Product and everything is changed.