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Raxar Connect & Post Coffee Corner Logo Published at Logomoose.com

It rightly said creativity has no end. I am just beginner in the world of creativity. My two more logo design Raxar connect and Post coffee corner has been published at www.logomoose.com. Both logo design is based on typo twist. Raxar connect logo present the connection between two arrow that created by type twist. Post coffee corner logo has different theory to represent the coffee shop image.

The born of Great Brand Name

Brand naming is crucial steps towards the Brand Strategy. Many reasons plays vital role to have specific brand name or rebrand. It’s a long history of Brand Name changes of big corporate but I have tried to cover most prestigious brand name changes in the history. There are certain reasons to rebrand or brand name transformation like mergers, corporate portfolio expansion (upward or downwards), brand image focus, regional resistance, global expansion and many others. Like when British Steel merged with Dutch steel company Hoogovens NV and became the The Corus Group. Another interesting brand naming of Ebay. Ebay got its name when its founder Pierre Omidyar discovered that the domain name for Echo Bay, his web consulting company, was already taken. So they have shorten name to Ebay from Echo Bay. You would also like to read Color Psychology and Branding.